Paula Menchen

Visual Artist


Featured on this page is limited edition prints as well as unique prints and paper constructions.

My process consists of researching all kinds of techniques on paper; stenciled, stamped, dyed and resist, creating a unique palette of color and textures. Building up multiple layers of paint and printed paper I cut into the surface, allowing for a spontaneous burst of hues and vibrating colors.

Blue Tape Lines

30” x 30”, 2022

Split Fountain screenprint, on Fabriano AP.

Blue and Purple Horizon

30” x 30”, 2024

Mixed media ultamarine etching ink blue with offset metallic purple offset ink.

Leaf Pattern Screens

24cm x 90cm, 2020

Based on Katasome Screen Patterns, Mokuhunga Print on washi paper with Katagami pattern collage hand sewn, burned and surface cut outs.

3 Kimonos (Installation)


Deconstructed Kimono patterns on handmade wash paper. Hung by suspended bamboo rods perpendicular from the wall.

Empty Houses

20” x 24”, 2017

Arches paper. Perforated surfaces that become impressions, footprints and traces.

Washi Wildflower (Detail)

90cm x 260cm, 2020

Washi Wildflower

90cm x 260cm, 2020

Constructed from a single washi paper with 6 printed woodcuts, collaged drawings and projection. The triangular cut outs play with the movement of the viewer and focused light that cast shadows on the opposite wall.

Treading (1/10)

11” x 14”, 2020

Printed on Hahnemühle, linocut, edition of 10, Printed at Art Print Residence, 2022

Cup and Box Still Life

15” x 35”, 2022

Mixed media prints, created from Leaf pattern washi and diecut Fabriano water color paper.

Material Record Blue & Yellow

11" x 14", 2022

Mixed Media screen print, unique print.

Cut from the same cloth


Unique print construction.

(Size dependent on space and projection)

Tracing Circle

30” x 30”, 2024

Multiple layers of texture and color built up through silkscreen and collegraph prints.


Click here for examples of my Prints, Mixed Media Paintings and Installations.

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