Paula Menchen

Visual Artist

Paula Menchen is a visual artist who was born in East London and immigrated to the US at the early age of 2. Growing up in California she has spent her time between the US, England and Spain. Paula has constantly been interested in different cultures and how they influence are ways of being.

Exploring the intersections of space, place and materials she uses multiple mediums to connect cultural and pictorial spaces within her personal narrative. Memory, textures and surfaces play an important role to her palette and expression. Paula looks for the constant dialogue between opposites, the complimentary. Analyzing a material front and back, perforated surfaces that become impressions of the past, present and future. Deconstructing and reconstructing the pictorial space has become part of her research and process. Sanding, cutting, burning, smoothing and grinding surfaces that become impressions, footprints and traces.

Paula is a graduate of Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design. She majored in Fine Art with an emphasis on Painting and Installation Art. After graduation she began to exhibit her installation/constructions in local galleries throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco. During her career she has exhibited her works in America, England, Japan, Holland, Spain and Italy.

Artist of the Year 2023 - Honorable Mention

"It is great pleasure to let you know that your artwork "Blue Fields" really stood out to me and you have been selected for an Honorable Mention Award."

Thorp Building

1620 Central  Ave NE, #215

Minneapolis, MN 55413


Gordon M Scott - Artful in Life: Mystic in Heart.

Catarina Diaz - Very, very transcendent pieces mixing realism with naturalism and spirituality.

Jane Farleigh -  Inspired to create paintings from local coastal and moorland walks in Devon and Cornwall.

Flor Ferraco - Artist, actress and therapist.

Michelle Watson - Contemporary figurative painter.

Gary Nicholls -  My style is a cinematographic one based on detail, from corner to corner of an image, ‘with an old masters’ look but a surreal feel.

Katrina Shearlaw - Much the work involves layers or intricate placement which have been meticulously pieced together to create maximum impact and form heightened, stylized imagery.


Click here for examples of my Prints, Mixed Media Paintings and Installations.

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